Chronicles of Elyria talks about what won’t be in the game, pops up on Steam Greenlight


Every MMO in development has to make tough choices about what features and systems are important enough to make it into launch and which ones will have to wait until later (if ever). As Chronicles of Elyria races to cross its Kickstarter funding goal in the next day or two, the devs put out a post discussing what they had to cut out of the game for its release version.

The list of proposed and discarded features are quite interesting to peruse, and include astral projection, sunburn, underwater swimming, gambling, beard growth, mounted combat, and natural disasters. If any of those sound wicked awesome, then take heart: The team is considering adding them back based on the results of a poll that it will put out soon.

Chronicles of Elyria has also tossed its hat into the ring of Steam Greenlight. So why is it doing this now? According to the team, “By putting CoE in front of more people now that we’re at the 90% mark, and most of the early birds are gone, we’ve ensured a steady stream of interested backers who will not only help to raise us above our funding goals, but will also help add value to those who’ve already backed us.”

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