Chronicles of Elyria emphasizes technology, identity, and cartography

The fun of getting lost, being upset, and getting annoyed.

Chronicles of Elyria has it its funding goal and is aiming at its first stretch goal, which is good news for fans of the game. The first stretch goal is about $100,000 away, but the developers are also well aware that this is the point in time when a Kickstarter’s funding starts to slow down. So the developers are encouraging fans to show other potential fans just what the game is all about as the first goal gets closer.

Fans who have already backed the Kickstarter are encouraged to bone up on the game’s more unique systems, such as its emphasis on cartography and learning how to disguise your character to avoid the consequences of your actions. At this point, engagement from the community is going to be the big factor in deciding whether or not the game knocks through several stretch goals or just gets past funding; obviously, the team behind the game is hoping for the former.

We’ve reached out to the studio with questions on the game’s PvP systems and will update when we have more for you!

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