ARK brings you Dodo tossing, ruins, and the new Center map


Who’s up for a round of Dodo tossing? ARK: Survival Evolved’s patches might not be coming at quite the same break-neck speed as before, but they still bring plenty of dinoriffic goodness. Today’s patch v241 opens the door to two brand-new sports: Dodo dunking and Beetle ball! Survivors will be able to pick up and toss both Dodos and Dung Beetles.

The new official mod map also releases today as a free DLC for players. Called The Center, this map offers a larger play area than the standard island map. New official The Center servers, which hold 100 survivors are opening up, and player hosts can switch to this map as well on their servers. To learn more, watch the official trailer below.

Although the big biome update isn’t expected until the 30th, survivors can look forward to more changes to the land than just an expanded snow zone and added redwoods; that update will introduce the historical ruins across the ARK.  Those who want to know the true nature of the island can seek them out and study the logs and notes found at these areas to learn the backstories of the survivors who have lived before and what exactly happened to them.

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