Don’t hold your breath for Black Desert’s class awakening system


In response to a lengthy (and apparently frequently posted) player complaint thread about class balance and the pace of class awakening delivery, Black Desert’s western arm, Daum EU, has issued a — can we say exasperated? — statement defending both its pace as mandated by Korean releases and its communication on that topic.

“[A]ew weeks ago we said that we wanted to release all the awakenings all at once. That is still our plan so far,” writes Community Manager Tytyes on the official forums.

“There are no silence around this, mostly maybe a ‘let’s not repeat ourselves everytime someone new ask for it.’ Now, this is mostly due to the fact that releasing only a part of it might create some unbalance in the actual PvP system. Your concerns are based on the PvE yes, but that doesn’t mean PvP will not be impacted by it. On top of that there are 2 things to notice, first not all classes have their awakening skill ready to be released, this is not a matter of “this new class has an issue let’s try to fix it”, it can only be solved by waiting, would it be ok for them to wait ? Would it be if we were playing a class without awakening when everybody has its own?”

“Second point is that, as you saw in many patch notes, we keep changing monsters/boss stats in our version of the game, meaning our client is different than the KR one and that also we’re trying to adapt the game. There is actually no reason to be afraid of something that isn’t [guaranteed] to happen. Awakening won’t be coming soon no, and it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to grind properly in Valencia.”

The takeaway? Awakenings for BDO’s classes aren’t “coming soon.”

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