Camelot Unchained discusses CUBE, abilities, and beta one plans


Camelot Unchained’s 22nd newsletter has arrived, and I feel it’s tradition at this point to confirm that it clocks in just under 9000 words. CSE says that it’s hard at work on its ability system and the C.U.B.E. tool. “You might have seen some pretty amazing things with blocks, explosions, buildings, and some neat features getting added to the stand-alone building system for our game,” writes the studio, “Some of the latest work involves the tech for building round structures, updating mats to work better with the new lighting/rendering, as well as reducing mat size to improve memory use and allow people to build bigger stuff with more mats. This will be particularly important for people on mid-to-lower-range rigs, especially when we are doing full battles in CU proper.”

CSE’s Ben Pielstick also discusses the world space plans for beta 1. Instead of starting with the large spaces that players will inhabit in the launch game, CSE plans to conduct combat testing on smaller maps with limited conditions. “For combat testing, we want to make sure the initial focus is on getting players into the action and trying out all the available classes and their abilities,” Pielstick says. Safe islands, on the other hand, will be full-size right from the start of the test.

There’s also a lore piece, introductions, and a slew of images from builders neck-deep in C.U.B.E.

Source: Newsletter
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