Blade and Soul reveals 2016 content plans, including the Soul Fighter class


NCsoft Producer Nico Coutant has a big community letter out today for Blade & Soul fans discussing the state of the game and where it’s headed.

To satisfy players confused about what’s coming out when, Coutant includes a graphical roadmap for the remainder of 2016 so you know just when to expect dungeons, gear, classes, and skills. In fact, the Soul Fighter class lands on June 22nd. (We’ve tucked the whole roadmap below.)

“It’s important to point out that our recent efforts haven’t all been aimed at releasing more content,” Coutant says. “Since launch we’ve made numerous quality-of-life changes to the game based on your feedback—changes like retaining purchased gem slots, earning Hongmoon Skills through PvP content, and transferring costumes between characters.” He also addresses spammers, botters, and cheaters, saying his team continues work on shutting them down.

B&S’s Vengeance Breaks update landed earlier this week and is playable on western servers right now.


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