The Secret World is losing its lead writer


The Secret World is losing its lead writer, Funcom’s Romain Amiel has told players on the official forums.

“We are sad to announce that Joshua Doetsch, also known as Scrivnomancer, Lead Writer for The Secret World, will be leaving Funcom this coming Friday. Josh has received a great life opportunity that he couldn’t refuse, and we are really excited for him and this new challenge he accepted. After working on Age of Conan for 4 years, Josh officially joined the TSW team in 2013 where he started working on Issue 7: A Dream to Kill, following in the footsteps of the game’s stellar writing team including Ragnar, Joel, Dag, Ben, Kasper to name but a few. Josh has helped us weave the rich universes you’ve experienced through the years. He’s done us proud, and we’re confident he’ll continue to pen extraordinary tales in his future endeavours.”

Amiel says the studio is seeking a new writer and has vowed that the staffing “will not affect current and future development – including the upcoming Museum of the Occult.”

“As you know, Scriv has always been a pillar of the TSW community via his strong presence on the forums, in game and on Twitter,” writes Amiel. “He will not be disappearing into the faceless void; his unshakable bond to the characters and community he helped developed shall not be broken!”

In other TSW news, the Complete Edition bundle is now available for purchase for existing players (not just new players).

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Tibi!

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