Star Trek Online hosts another feature episode replay event

Whoops! We forgot to clean up after this happened. Our bad!
There are a lot of stories in Star Trek Online. Sure, there are the big ongoing story arcs with the Undine, the Iconians, the Borg, and so forth. But then there are the smaller storylines with players facing off against the Breen or handling one of the big leftover threads from Deep Space Nine. Those are some of the story gaps that the game’s featured episode series are meant to address, and if you haven’t tried those episodes yourself, you’ll have every reason to do so with the new featured episode replay event.

As with previous such events, players can earn special items from these episodes by playing them for the event period from June 30th until July 14th. Each of these event rewards are unique, so players who already have a Reman or Breen bridge officer from these stories will not be able to acquire another, but your alts can still pick one up. Check out the full page for a rundown of the episodes and rewards, and go experience the stories again or for the first time.

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