Soul Ark is being developed based on original Ragnarok fiction

Well, this seems very sensible.

Were you aware that Ragnarok Online was based off of pre-existing fiction? Because it totally was. You can read about it, if you’re so inclined. Why is that relevant now? Well, Lee Myung-jin, the creator of the fiction, is now working with the nascent Bluestone Soft to build a completely new game, Soul Ark, which appears to be about… beating up cybernetic minotaur? Let’s be real, the trailer does not actually offer a whole lot of insight for those of us who do not speak Korean.

If you do speak Korean or just have a great love of watching people in hoodies beat the tar out of cybernetic minotaur and snake-headed monster-things in power armor, well, the trailer down below is going to be absolutely everything you could hope for. No word on any sort of localization or game mechanics, but the current build will apparently be playable at G-Star 2016 in November.

Source: Steparu
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