Pokemon Go gets cloned, sponsored, and harmonized

Avec les hommes et le Pokey.

If you’re in China, you might not be able to play Pokémon Go right at the moment. You can, however, play City Spirit Go, which allows you to do more or less the same thing in a quickly made knockoff of the core game. It is, accordingly, tearing up the Chinese mobile charts. This might seem silly, but when you consider that Pokémon Go players in South Korea are flocking to the one place in South Korea that the game can actually be played, it… well, it still seems silly, but not uniquely so.

Details for a cross-promotional deal with McDonald’s have also surfaced, although the promotion will be restricted to one country at first (presumably Japan) with no announcements on rollouts elsewhere. All McDonald’s locations will be flagged as Pokéstops or gyms for the duration, so you’ll have plenty of reason to flock there to get down to the Pokémon. Meanwhile, fans of the game are calling for harmony between the three opposing teams in the game, proving that three-faction PvP really can lead to stability. Sort of. It’s a Pokémon thing.

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