Elder Scrolls Legends drops NDA, gives tips for advanced deck building


30If you have been playing in the Elder Scrolls Legends beta, we want to hear about your experiences. And it is now OK to share those, too, as Bethesda has lifted the NDA for the test, making all impressions and streams from the beta fair game.

Whether you have been playing the game for a while or are thinking of giving it a try in the future, you might want to read up on Legends’ advanced deck building tips from the developers themselves.

The team said that there are four basic types of decks in the game: aggro, midrange, control, and combo. No matter which one you pursue, you’ll be wanting to look for ways that cards can interact in complimentary fashions: “When building your deck, you may want to eschew the typical deck building conventions and focus on a particular synergy.”

Source: TwitterLegends
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