Allods Online adjusts endgame gearing in patch 7.0.1

Gears of store.

If you’re big on endgame content in Allods Online, you probably have strong feelings about how you get geared up. You might be frustrated by the lack of clarity when it comes to your gear score, or you might just be frustrated at the difficulty in finding other like-minded players. Both of these things are changing in patch 7.0.1. Gear score should be more transparent, with each item more clearly displaying its importance and crafted items becoming more relevant.

Players using the group search window will also be directed toward a sector designed to make the best use of their abilities, with high-end allods removed from queue functionalities due to the small number of players using that function. A new mini-season will also kick off with an equipment level of 73, allowing players to start earning level 73 gear and stand on equal footing. The overall effect should make endgame gearing at least a little bit easier, meaning that you might lose a fight based on mechanics, but you won’t lose based solely on gear.


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