Fragmented’s latest live build should make crafters happy


Fragmented’s latest patch is a big one for player crafters as it adds batch crafting to the crafting stations in the game. The better the crafting station, the faster the crafting.

“Crafting stations have been improved to support batch crafting. They now have their own storage that can be used to store crafting materials and the results of the crafting from the stations. You choose a recipe much like you would from the crafting window and then you choose the quantity. Once submitted you can walk away from the crafting station and return to it later to pickup your results. Stations also have a speed and queue length variable as higher end stations will craft larger batches quicker and support adding more batches to the queue.”

There are also some tweaks for housing collision, NPC spawns, and the UI. It’s a smaller patch than normal, the studio says, because it’s “working on some larger scale projects for the next patch or two and some work went into that during this patch cycle as well.”

Fragmented is the survival sandbox spinoff of sci-fi MMORPG sandbox The Repopulation, which Above & Beyond began porting to a new engine earlier this year.

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