Dogma: Eternal Night delivers a sneak peek of in-game combat and twerking


The vampire-infested Dogma: Eternal Night has been making strides forward with its development, according to a new dev post. Not content just to tout the Dogma’s advancements, the team delivered a short two-minute video showing gameplay footage, including a character exploring his environs, firing a pistol into a crowd of mortals, and blowing off steam by dancing in a night club.

The team did admit that it is struggling due to inadequate funding: “Our expenses keep growing and we still need programming equipment that we can’t afford. Not having them makes our work harder, prevents us from getting the best results…and sometimes a particular goal becomes impossible to achieve. […] To add to that, we still don’t have an adequate game server, which is also one of our goals. Without it, we won’t be able to launch mass testing as the servers ‘under the table’ are simply not strong enough.”

Get a look at some of the in-game footage from Dogma after the break!

Source: Dogma. Thanks DDOCentral!
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