Heroes of the Storm tweaks Auriel and Gul’dan with a new patch


Balance tweaks are a regular thing for Heroes of the Storm, and not all of them are just there to prevent a character from being overpowered or underpowered. Gul’dan, for example, has seen some tweaks with the most recent patch, but the biggest set of tweaks wasn’t to reduce his power but to raise the power of his level 16 talents to be competitive with Ruinous Affliction. If you still pick Ruinous Affliction, you won’t notice any change; the point is that picking something else should be a viable option as well.

Auriel, on the other hand, has been tweaked to be less powerful, dropping the effectiveness of her Sacred Sweep talents and transferring some of the damage back into her basic attacks. Greymane has seen his burst damage toned down, while Tyrael has generally dropped in power a bit while some of his underused talents have gotten a slight buff. Check out the full patch notes to see how every individual hero has been tweaked in the hopes of a more balanced and competitive environment.

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