Armored Warfare briefs commanders on its new Frontline map


A new PvP map is coming to Armored Warfare in Update 0.17, and its design might throw a monkey wrench into the plans of seasoned commanders. The Frontline map is a more wide-open area lacking natural paths, leading to a less predictable flow of battle.

The update has a lot more in store for fans than just Frontline. Players will engage in a PvE mission to protect a satellite on a tropical island, enjoy an enlarged Snakebite map, and test drive the new light armor AFV and the AMX 10 RCR tank destroyer.

Even the basics of shooting will come under scrutiny: “We have continued to improve and optimized AW’s weapon firing model in many aspects, with the goal of making it easier for players to hit targets more consistently while firing on the move. As part of these changes, we’ve fixed shot direction desync issues between the client and server which can happen occasionally when firing while your vehicle is still moving.”

Check out the trailer for Frontline below!


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