Webzen is closing down ELOA and ASTA in October


About a year ago, Webzen announced that it was bringing Asta: The War of Tears and Winds over after the game had been shut down in Korea. People were skeptical about its ability to succeed as a localized title when it hadn’t succeeded in its domestic market, and it appears that skepticism was merited, as the game has announced its impending shutdown on October 4th, 2016. Elite Lord of Alliance, more commonly styled as ELOA, will also be sunsetting in mid-October.

Players of Asta who purchased currency within the previous month will be refunded, while ELOA players will have the game’s currency reimbursed in the form of bonus Wcoin usable on any of Webzen’s other titles. Both games will also have accelerated leveling during the final month of operation. Our condolences go out to the staff and players of both games.

Source: Asta shutdown, ELOA shutdown; thanks to Filur for the tip!

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Davey Martini

It really sucks that ASTA is shutting down. I really wish it blew up. It was so well-polished and really fun to play… Just lacked a player-base. RIP Tab-targeting MMOs.