elite lord of alliance

Official Site: Elite Lord of Alliance aka ELOA
Studio: Webzen
Launch Date: Open Beta began November 17, 2015; sunsetted October 2016
Genre: Action-Combat Anime MMO
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Warlords Awakening just sunset in Korea, and now it’s coming to Steam early access here

As we reported in June, Paywith’s Warlords Awakening MMOARPG is coming westward, with a launch planned for October and an early access date now set for July 26th. The base game will run for $11.99, on up to the top bundle at just shy of 30 bucks.

What we didn’t immediately realize last month is that this game is a rebrand and remastering of Elite Lord of Alliance aka Kuntara Online: The Elite Lord’s Awakening aka ELOA, licensed to a new company. That would probably be fine, except that as MMO blogger Murasama has pointed out, the circumstances surrounding the Korean relaunch of the game last autumn and its recent sunset are concerning. In spite of what appeared to be a respectable playerbase and following in its home country, Playwith shut down the game in Korea just a week ago, and it’s not clear how long the western version will be supported.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first temport we’d ever seen, though for $12, it’s not much of a cash grab. Caution is probably advisable in the meantime, and y’all know the early access rules anyway.

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Webzen is closing down ELOA and ASTA in October

About a year ago, Webzen announced that it was bringing Asta: The War of Tears and Winds over after the game had been shut down in Korea. People were skeptical about its ability to succeed as a localized title when it hadn’t succeeded in its domestic market, and it appears that skepticism was merited, as the game has announced its impending shutdown on October 4th, 2016. Elite Lord of Alliance, more commonly styled as ELOA, will also be sunsetting in mid-October.

Players of Asta who purchased currency within the previous month will be refunded, while ELOA players will have the game’s currency reimbursed in the form of bonus Wcoin usable on any of Webzen’s other titles. Both games will also have accelerated leveling during the final month of operation. Our condolences go out to the staff and players of both games.

Source: Asta shutdown, ELOA shutdown; thanks to Filur for the tip!


Grab an Asta, ELOA, Rappelz, Mu Online, Flyff, or C9 gift code in Webzen’s summer giveaway

Webzen is back with another huge giveaway on MOP, this one in celebration of summer across its multiple MMOs. The company has granted us 2000 keys, and you get to pick the Webzen game the code is used on, be it Asta, ELOA, Rappelz, Mu Online, Flyff, or C9. There are different rewards depending on which game you pick, so read on, and click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to take home one of these keys!

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ELOA steps up its game with Outlaw’s Emperor update

Today’s content update from Elite Lord of Alliance might just make you sit up and notice this anime hack-and-slash MMO. Epic 2: Outlaw’s Emperor is the type of patch that we love to see in online games, with plenty of great additions to appreciate.

Outlaw’s Emperor starts off by raising the level cap from 40 to 50, then throws in a whole continent to explore and three more dungeons. Is that not enough? Well, you are difficult to please, but ELOA has one more trick up its sleeve: a revamped transcendence system. With the revamp to this feature, all transcendence points have been reset and players can invest points into various bonuses to beef up their characters.

You can get an overview of the Epic 2 patch with the new ELOA trailer below.

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Grab an Asta, ELOA, Rappelz, Mu Online, Flyff, or C9 gift code in Webzen’s anniversary giveaway

In honor of the seventh anniversary of its online gaming portal today, Webzen has granted us 1000 keys, but here’s the cool part: You get to pick the Webzen game the code is used on, be it Asta, ELOA, Rappelz, Mu Online, Flyff, or C9. There are different rewards depending on which game you pick, so read on, and click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to take home one of these keys!

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ELOA deploys new raid dungeon, tackles spammers

ELOA’s latest patch, The Lost Temple, has deployed today, with its chief addition being a raid dungeon by that same name. Need more motivation to play it? How about some unique awards? Webzen says the three fastest groups to clear the Temple on every server — as verified by a screenshot to the official forums — will be granted a special uniform.

Webzen has also announced that today’s patch includes new reporting features for players who want to lend a hand squelching spammers and bots. “Now you can report spam bots with the new system,” says the publisher. “Ctrl + left click on the username of the chatting, and click Report chatting abuse. If an account is reported more than a certain time (changeable), the account won’t be able to use chatting for a certain period time. We will adjust time setting, when needed.”

Source: Press release, patch notes


ELOA’s ‘The Looters’ update describes you as much as the mobs

Elite Lord of Alliance is getting another big update today called simply The Looters. It describes us all, doesn’t it? The patch’s main feature is a raid dungeon, Den of the Looters, where you’ll be killing poisoner and trapper bosses and then, you know, looting their stuff — including level 40 class weapons. Expect some PvP goodies too:

“PvP enthusiasts will be able to take part in a new season and a special event named ‘The Battle,’ from January 26th until February 2nd, 2016 (UTC). Depending on the number of times they have joined the battlefield, participants will get special rewards, including Disguise Scrolls, Eva’s Breath, Low-class Reinforcement Failure Protection Scrolls, and High-class Reinforcement Failure Protection Scrolls.”

Webzen promises a Valentine event beginning with today’s udpdate as well. We’ve included the new images below.

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ELOA launches part two of ‘The Smash’ expansion with two new dungeons

The second part of ELOA‘s first big expansion is dubbed “The Smash,” but it will be an exercise for readers how smashy the two new dungeons introduced really are. They could be extremely smashy, and one could theoretically be overseen by a character named “Smashtown Smasherson, Smash-Lord of Smashburg.” Probably not, though; there are three difficulties available for each dungeon, and it’s far more likely that Smasherson shows up in none of them.

Balance changes are also included in this patch, preventing the use of certain movement skills and rebalancing some elements of Mages and Snipers. There’s also a small contest running on the forums to see which players can clear the two new dungeons first, with the three winners receiving a special cosmetic outfit. So get ready, gear up, and smash your way through the dungeons until you get a screenshot at the end. Perhaps that’s what makes the expansion smashy?

Source: Official Site, Webzen press release


ELOA pushes out its first ‘expansion’

Elite Lord of Alliance has done its utmost to make us trip over its name, and now that its first major content patch is out, it’s working hard to confuse us even more. “First Expansion” or “Part 1” is now out, and if you can get past these weird titles, then you might find quite a bit to do in this hack-and-slash title.

Today’s update raises the level cap from 36 to 40, giving players four more levels to explore. Additionally, ELOA has added a high-level monster journal, the Crying Land zone, two level 40 dungeons, and the expected assortment of new quests, titles, and achievements to master.

Read up on the patch notes and show those monsters who’s the boss (the answer is Tony Danza).

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Elite Lord of Alliance’s first major content patch adds a new level cap, a new area, and Christmas

How long should a game be around before you start upping the level cap? Elite Lord of Alliance (or ELOA as it’s known to its friends) hasn’t been in release for very long, but as a localized title there’s plenty of backlogged content to be unveiled. That means the game’s first major content patch can (and did) bump the level cap up to 35, complete with new titles, quests, battlefields, all of that fun stuff. The new zone Brimstone Mine has also been added, complete with a cutscene for the first time you enter.

Not in the mood for all of the usual leveling antics? Why not enjoy some winter holiday antics? Yes, the patch adds in those hallowed festivities as well, so you can feel free to just talk with snowmen and enjoy a simpler sort of celebration. That’s all plenty of stuff for fans of the game to enjoy until the next major patch; the fact that said patch also contains a new endless dungeon is just icing on a content-flavored cake.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Zariarn for the tip!


Betawatch: The Repopulation’s downtime risk is real (November 27, 2015)

If you wanted to point to an MMO doing everything right when it comes to Kickstarter, The Repopulation would be a fine pick. Unfortunately, the game is in a tight spot due to the licensing agreements with its engine, and that situation is getting worse rather than better. When your game is talking about contingency plans, it’s a safe bet that things are going south.

While a lot of studios have been quiet for the past few days due to holidays, there has been other beta news just the same:

And, of course, there’s our usual buffet of list items just below. See something that jumped from testing to launch, or from closed testing to open testing? Let us know down in the comments, if you would be so kind.

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Elite Lord of Alliance launches today with promotional giveaway

How elite are your alliance lords? If you answer that question with a bewildered stare and a phrase that rhymes with “cut the truck,” that is entirely fair. But Elite Lord of Alliance (or ELOA if you’re into the whole brevity thing) launches today, and it may be assumed that the alliance lords in that game are quite elite. Very elite indeed.

Not convinced simply by the promise of lords and alliances? Perhaps you’ll be more interested in getting free stuff. Players who manage to fill up the in-game monster log between now and December 8th will receive a special gift box with a chance of containing a unique pet. Next month will see an increased level cap and a new raid dungeon, so you don’t have to be worried that the game won’t be updated. Or perhaps you’ll be too busy hacking and slashing away at the game as it is to be overly worried.

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ELOA hits open beta, launches in a week

We will assume that this morning you sprang out of bed, threw open the curtains, and shouted to the birds, “Hello world, it’s ELOA Open Beta Day!” If not, we shall forgive you and you can proceed head back to your bed for a second chance at a dramatic beginning.

Indeed, Elite Lord of Alliance’s beta is now available for anyone to check out, with a level cap of 30, PvP battlefields, and the new Mud Swamp Floor dungeon. Players who take advantage of the OBT will also experience in-game events such as a screenshot challenge and will be handing out daily rewards.

The open beta will continue right up until launch, which Webzen has set for November 24th. You can check ELOA’s OBT trailer after the break.

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