ELOA steps up its game with Outlaw’s Emperor update


Today’s content update from Elite Lord of Alliance¬†might just make you sit up and notice this anime hack-and-slash MMO. Epic 2: Outlaw’s Emperor is the type of patch that we love to see in online games, with plenty of great additions to appreciate.

Outlaw’s Emperor starts off by raising the level cap from 40 to 50, then throws in a whole continent to explore and three more dungeons. Is that not enough? Well, you are difficult to please, but ELOA has one more trick up its sleeve: a revamped transcendence system. With the revamp to this feature, all transcendence points have been reset and players can invest points into various bonuses to beef up their characters.

You can get an overview of the Epic 2 patch with the new ELOA trailer below.


Source: Patch notes
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