Vigor Roads’ Kickstarter ends unsuccessfully, Project Genom plans crafting


As we covered in our last Make My MMO, the Kickstarter for NeuronHaze’s post-apoc MMO Vigor Roads ended unsuccessfully over the weekend. The studio accepted the fault for the failure, saying it had been “overconfident” and that it was unable to prepare a quality game build in time for the campaign.

Still, the game itself is far from over.

“But we do not despair. We were able to take out a bank loan, and at the end of Summer/beginning of this Fall we will hopefully reveal the pre-alpha build of Vigor Roads. We’re seeing a great interest in the project and we have ‘Greenlight’ in the Steam, and we are confident that this build will help us find an investor or publisher. Plans for the release date of Steam Early Access stay the same – 2017.”

NeuronHaze’s other in-development MMO, Project Genom, is still trucking along. The devs say they’ll introduce crafting to the title in July and are touting recently added UI improvements and talent mechanics.

Source: Newsletter
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