Albion Online reveals powerful druid artifacts


One reason that you might want to bend all of your strength and will to demolishing certain factions in Albion Online is that certain enemy groups are the owners of unique artifacts that can’t be found elsewhere. This week, the dev team revealed the arsenal that’s currently in the clutches of the druidic Keepers.

These artifacts represent the world’s “deepest and oldest magic” and come in a wonderfully lethal variety. The weapons include the AoE-dealing Heron Spear, the magma-spewing Wildfire Staff, the icy Hoarfrost Staff, the delayed healing Druid Staff, and the smackdown power of the Bedrock Mace.

There’s also an armor set that can be procured through simple murder: “Used by the Druids of the Keepers, this cloth set has powerful magic storied inside. Absorb damage and root your enemies with Spirit of Vengeance, replenish Energy for you and your allies with Circle of Inspiration, and kite your enemies using Defenseless Rush.”


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