Survival sandbox Osiris: New Dawn launches into Steam early access on September 28 [Updated]

We’ve updated this story with the new statement from the team about the Steam launch below!

The folks behind Osiris: New Dawn have been teasing a big announcement for today… and it’s not happening. Last night developer Fenix Fire admitted that the planned announcement has been delayed for unspecified reasons. “In the meantime, writes the studio, “do know that the game is coming along great with working multiplayer!”

Osiris: New Dawn is a multiplayer survival sandbox (yes, another one) set on a dusty distant planet (yes, another one). Not to be confused with ROKH, which is set on Mars and looks quite similar, Osiris was revealed just a few weeks back and is expected to launch on Steam before the end of this very month, which might just be what the delay is all about.

“After crash-landing on an unknown planet you must survive hostile alien conditions through ingenuity and technology… Introducing Osiris: New Dawn, a 3D space survival adventure that highlights the beauty and horror of exploring a foreign, yet gorgeous alien system – an experience that’s neither safe nor for the timid.”

Source: Facebook
Update: As predicted, the announcement was indeed about the Steam launch! “Today, we’re thrilled to announce that #OsirisNewDawn will launch into #Steam Early Access on September 28th!” the studio wrote in new Facebook update. “We’re so excited to bring this new adventure to the community, and we’re also in development to bring the game to consoles!”
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