Pokemon Go stream turns into ‘mugged in Central Park’ stream

Bah, it was just a bird.

Twitch streamer Rickeybot wasn’t bothering anyone; he was just streaming a session of Pokémon Go in Central Park at night. Long-time stream audiences know that game sessions can frequently go in unexpected directions, and this once certainly did, as Rickeybot was soon introduced to a new game in which another human being assaulted him and stole his phone. While being recorded.

The suspect in the mugging has not yet been apprehended, but committing a mugging while on live camera being streamed to the Internet likely will not wind up on anyone’s list of “most intelligent crimes.”

Rickeybot himself spent time with the police and then went to the hospital to be examined for further injury, while his audience has been trying to identify the assailant based on the footage. You can view the incident in the video down below. Our best wishes are with the streamer for both the recovery of his phone and his health, and we hope this serves as something of a reminder about being mindful when you’re out catching Pokémon.


Source: YouTube via VG24/7
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