Chronicles of Elyria teases online store, taiga biome


Chronicles of Elyria’s weekly update to Kickstarter watchers is brief, but it heralds the 2.1 release of the website, which now includes a private messaging system, better moderation tools, improved mobile support, and aesthetic enhancements. Soulbound Studios says it still expects to launch the online store “in just two weeks.”

But you probably wanted to hear about the game itself. How about some lore?

“I can tell you we continue to work on defining more details of the different Tribes of Mann. While I can’t say much now, I can say that the first one we’ve been working on we call the Joru Tribe, pronounced Yor-oo. Members of the tribe are referred to as Joran (Yor-uhn). If you sense a bit of a Nordic flare to the name, you’re not wrong. As the design currently stands, the Joru are a northern tribe, accustomed to the harsh winters of the Tundra and Taiga. Rumor has it, even the Bearded King Thandrus may have some Joru blood in him.”

There’s also a bit of concept art and work-in-progress screenies of the Titan’s Steppe area, which we’ve included below.

Source: Kickstarter
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