Age of Conan’s next patch is available for testing

Slither slither slither.

You need to be careful to ensure that you’ve got the right sort of chaos going into the next Age of Conan update. The patch is named “Slithering Chaos,” after all; it’d be a shame if the chaos of the update was more of the “crawling” or “creeping” variety, right? So it’s a good thing you can log on to the game’s test server and make sure it’s got the right sort of chaos going on.

Testing the update will, of course, require you to be eligible and able to access the game’s test server, and the above tweet helpfully links to a forum thread on the official site explaining how to do exactly that. Once you’ve accomplished that goal, though, it’s down to a matter of calibrating chaotic locomotion. And testing the actual content, probably.

Source: Twitter
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