The Secret World’s seasons two and three are ‘completely written’


In a new interviewFuncom Game Director Romain Amiel said that while the devs are in the middle of development for Season 2 for The Secret World, it’s going to take some time to do things right with a smaller team.

“We are evaluating which things need to be done so we can create Season 2 in the best way possible,” Amiel said. “Season 2 is already completely written. The next as well. There are a lot of projects for the future of TSW. But we have this unique chance to be in between two seasons and we want to use it at the maximum to give ourselves a chance to have a good future for the game and to make the next seasons as great as Season 1.”

Amiel spent a portion of the interview looking at how the team structured past releases and what it learned from the successes and mistakes of those. He also reiterated his dream of player housing, which is only a design at this point: “I’d love to implement a real housing system where players could really have their own space to personalize by changing the color of the walls, placing furniture, an entrance to the sewer to a secret lair, etc.”

Source: Jeux Online via Holosuitemedia. Thanks Crow!

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