7 Days to Die publishes its ‘biggest content drop to date’


It’s heady times for alpha players of 7 Days to Die. The zombie survival sandbox released its Alpha 15 update earlier this morning, which the devs are calling the game’s “biggest content drop to date.”

You’re going to want to scroll through the gargantuan patch notes to get the full scope of all of the changes, but some of the highlights of Alpha 15 include a longer terrain render, 23 new areas to explore, the desert canyon biome, an improved random world generator, NPC traders, an in-game economy, better farming, a more dynamic Blood Moon event system, support for four languages, and, um, vending machines. Three of them! Hey, don’t knock a good vending machine when the apocalypse comes calling.

The update is so large and sweeping that the devs have mandated that all players delete their old saved games, start up new ones, and go into the witness protection program so that their past sins can never catch up to them. Well, the first two, at least.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks DeadlyAccurate!

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