EverQuest: Empires of Kunark goes live November 16th


EverQuest fans will be able to return to Kunark for more adventures when the 23rd expansion releases on November 16th. Empires of Kunark focuses on the rise and clash of two empires in Kunark; the Combine is back and rebuilding, and the Sarnaks are founding — and trying to expand — their own empire. This continues a storyline that began nearly a decade ago when players saved the Tsaph Katta from stasis.

Although EoK does not raise the current level caps, it does introduce more Alternate Advancements, new skills, new gear, new collections, and new tradeskills as well as new zones and eight additional raids. There are seven zones in this expansion, including Chardok, which received an impressive graphical facelift. Another new feature is a familiar keyring that will let you separate cosmetic/buff familiars and class-specific pets. To tour through some of these zones and see the upcoming features, check out the official stream.

Pre-orders are available now and will grant immediate beta access (the only way to get into beta) along with a monument housing item. If you do participate in beta, you can earn an illusion of an orange yeti. Prices for the expansion are $34.99 for the standard edition, $89.99 for the collector’s, and $139.99 for the premium. with All Access members receiving 10% off of these prices. Each edition includes various goodies, with the higher packs containing mounts and additional housing items.


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