Wurm Online co-creator steps back from development, says game is ‘doing well financially’


Following our report on Wurm Online’s upcoming development plans earlier this week, reader Bionicall pointed us to a different recent post penned by the game’s CEO and co-creator, Rolf Jansson, who says he’s staying on as CEO but is turning the development reins over to a dedicated team of passionate players.

“As many of you already know, Wurm is now mainly being maintained and developed by a group of volunteers from the player base headed by our Product Manager Budda, most of which are under contract. My involvement and role in development is diminishing as I’ve been at it for 13 years now and I feel a bit of a drain. Hence, I am educating myself in new areas since WU [Wurm Unlimited, the Steam standalone edition] brought in some breathing room for Wurm. I will remain CEO and do administrative tasks and stay involved in discussing the direction of the game but this group of active contracted players will henceforth be the ones taking strategic and day-to-day decisions much based on your input. This feels like a the natural way of developing the game and will be good for the longevity of Wurm and its continuous progress.”

“I want to expand my knowledge and work on non Wurm projects for a change and I think the dev team has proven a lot and matured quickly since this spring when it was formed. Wurm is doing well financially and will be around for years to come. In case you are an able coder interested in becoming a volunteer and help improve the game and possibly do some bounty coding, don’t hesitate to contact Budda. Long Live Wurm!”

Wurm’s other co-founder, you might recall, is none other than Markus Persson, better known to gamers as Notch, the man behind Minecraft.

Wurm Unlimited itself launched on Steam last fall as a standalone, $29.99 edition of the MMORPG that allows players to launch their own servers. It’s nearing 1000 reviews and sits in the “mostly positive” bracket.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Bionicall!
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