The Exiled plans wipe and patch for AI and casting modes next week


Indie sandbox The Exiled (fka Das Tal) has a sizable patch coming on Monday. Unceremoniously dubbed Alpha 43, it will unfortunately include a wipe for existing testers. The good news is that it’ll introduce several¬†new features, like performance improvements, the first draft of the new HUD, collision tweaks, and three new casting modes.¬†AI got a nice bump in quality as well:

“Mobs are now smarter and more diverse than before. We’ve added 15 new jailor mobs, 9 new revenants, four new animals and a deadly plant. Jailor mobs now drop a lot more ability patterns (look at their gear) and other mobs drop more resources and materials. We also increased the number of rare mobs spawning which all are guaranteed to drop three ability patterns.”

Players can also expect rendering performance improvements, visual and audio tweaks, and a number of fixes for the map and terrain visuals.

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