Marching Legions launches on mobile in seven countries


Hands up if you happen to reside in Singapore. India? Lots of people in India, or so we heard. How about Germany or Australia? Canada? Malaysia or Thailand? If so, then you can go ahead and download Marching Legions, because it has released in those countries and nowhere else. The rest of the world? You can sit on your hands and be patient for now.

Marching Legions is a Nexon MMORTS in which players build up a city base, train armies, and then attempt to conquer foreign cities. While the aesthetic definitely skews to medieval fantasy, the 600-odd cities that you can invade are all named after real-world locations. Ye Olde New Yorke, we guess? The title promises a lot of battlefield tactics, including flanking and decoys, so it’s hopefully more than a mere number crunch game.


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