Diablo III teases Season 8 rewards


The eighth season of Diablo III’s PC version is prepped to roll out on October 21st, bringing with it all sorts of new goals and rewards for the ARPG faithful.

The team teased some of these rewards, such as the “wings” of the Maiden of Anguish, an additional stash tab, and new class sets. Season 8 will rotate back in the Lionhearted challenge, as well as the curses and stars align modifiers.

Blizzard indicated that some older seasonal records will be wiped going forward: “As we continue on into additional seasons, we will no longer be able to store some personal Seasonal records. While Season 8 will store your personal bests for all seasons to date, at some point in a future season we will begin removing old personal bests, beginning with Season 1. This will be true regardless of your participation in past seasons.”

Source: Diablo III

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