WRUP: The haunted house of anxieties edition


Welcome, one and all, to the horrifying haunted house of anxieties! I would advise our patrons with weak hearts to remain inside, because the horrors contained within… have not been inspected by the city for those with cardiac conditions! That’s right, feel the grip of fear while you wonder if everything within is entirely safe for someone of your height, weight, and skin tone! Ask yourself if you feel comfortable trusting our assurances!

Within, thrill to such horrifying delights as the unanswered voice mail! It’s probably bad news. Or shield yourself, if you can, from the horrors of the unopened ominous-looking letter! Enjoy the terrors of the Halls of Inflection, wherein you may wonder for ages if someone was upset with you or just sounded a bit put out! Dare you cross the Chamber of Peaking to get out, warning you that you may never accomplish more than you already have?!

Of course, our audience members suffering from anxiety can get the same experience by just being at home today. All of you, however, are invited to take part in this week’s What Are You Playing; I’ll be struggling to find the courage to go outside while knowing that either choice is the wrong one.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Woo, LA Comicon! Naturally I’ll be doing a little Pokemon Go in the background (big Gengar and Hypno fan here), though I’m only going Sunday. Sunday I’ll be helping some kids with a parking lot Trick or Treat event and seeing how many kids get my Ness outfit before trying to devote time to Overwatch chest farming.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): The Guild Wars 2 stuff has been out for weeks now and I’ve barely done any of it. So that’s a priority. I’ve also got Villagers & Heroes loaded on my phone and tablet, so I’m going to give that a spin, though I understand my Steam account won’t work for it (sadface). I’m seriously curious to see how it stacks up, the controls especially. Everything always falls down on controls.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog):I’m really not sure, just because I’ve had a hard time keeping myself motivated likely; I can wager, however, that World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and quite possibly Final Fantasy XI will factor in there.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I have no idea what’s going on with The Secret World’s newest Halloween event, but I’m going to try to experience it in some form. On top of that, working through Planestouched Wilds in RIFT is a priority just so that I can get it done before the expansion launches. I might even install The Elder Scrolls Online, so stay tuned!

MJ Guthrie (@MJ_Guthrie, blog): This weekend will be all about Halloween fun in The Secret World, Lord of the Rings Online, and a little bit of EverQuest II’s Nights of the Dead. Oh yes, I will be gorging on Halloween festivals in my favorite games! So much to do, so many goodies to earn, and so little time to get them all. Then in between those I will toss in a few some matches of Hide and Shriek.

Pierre, patron: These last weeks, I’ve not really been into what is considered to be MMOs by our beloved MOP community, unless you accept Destiny as an MMO. In my opinion, it’s more a solo game with multiplayer pieces than a real MMO. Anyway, I’m enjoying it, as the combat feels really intense and is definitely excellent. I’ve also decided to play Mass Effect again; such a brilliant RPG, I can’t stay far from it for a very long time. Dear MOP readers, enjoy your weekend of gaming and, most probably, other festivities. Cheers!!

Your turn!


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