The Daily Grind: What kind of humor do you prefer in MMORPGs?


Humor has to be one of the most subjective elements (and a sadly neglected Captain Planet powerset). Most of us like humor, like to laugh, but what tickles our funny bones can be wildly different from person to person. Often games reflect the sense of humor of the creators, and if you’re on board with that brand, then great, but if not, it can actually be somewhat off-putting.

I’ve been thinking of this lately as I was encountering the extremely meta jokes of AdventureQuest 3D’s tutorial, the wildly jokey Khar in RIFT, the sex-obsessed Elves of Project Gorgon, and the typical batch of World of Warcraft quest title puns. As long as humor isn’t intended to be cruel or crude, I’m usually cool with whatever, even if it is pretty dorky or “out of character.” But I might not represent most MMO players in this.

How do you like your humor in MMOs? What makes you laugh and what, frankly, annoys you?

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