You can pre-download Revelation Online for tomorrow’s closed beta

[AL:Rev]Tomorrow is a day that Revelation Online fans have been panting for: the start of the game’s first closed beta test in the west. While we can’t make the day come any sooner without some jetsetting across international date lines, we will point you to the fact that you can go ahead and pre-download the client so that you can play when it goes live.

Revelation Online’s CBT1 was supposed to have gone live back in October, but the team decided a nine-day delay was needed. It compensated testers with bonus premium time for the inconvenience. The closed beta will admit players who have obtained a beta key, gotten lucky with the lottery, or bought their way in with a founder pack.

The team said that all testers for the first closed beta will automatically be invited to the second CBT, which should roll out some time later this year.

“Assuming everything goes well in the last steps of warm up we will quietly kick off around 15.00 CET. Opening time is very likely to be subject to changes so it’s best not to set your personal plans based on punctuality,” posted on the official forums.

Source: Revelation Online. ThanksĀ Silverlock!
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