The Exiled has a huge revamp in store for its final alpha next month


The Exiled (the MMO-MOBA hybrid formerly known as Das Tal) is fast approaching its final alpha test, now expected to run for most of the month of December (the 1st to the 21st).

Fairytale Distillery says this version of the game up for testing this winter is “by far the best version of the game [it] ever released.” The updated alpha includes a completely redesigned user interface and HUD, redesigned game events, new social features for guilds and soloers alike, improved server performance, and enhanced combat targeting. There’s also a plan for what the studio refers to as “connected, dying game worlds”:

“In order to accommodate for the large numbers of players expected during the first days of alpha, we will create dozens of game worlds for you. Each game world now supports around 150 concurrent players (up from 50 during the last Alpha). We will also add more server locations – likely in Brazil and South-East Asia. Of course we will keep our existing server locations in the EU and the US. Game worlds now require an active player base to defend against daily attacks on the valley. If players on one game world do not manage to donate enough resources to the defense, this world dies and all players on it will migrate as refugees to a different, more active game world. […] Clans and leaderboards are now global so you can now challenge the best of the best wherever you play.”

Players can still sign up for the alpha until November 15th (or just buy a founder pack, the cheapest of which is €30, about $33 US).

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