Overwatch players use the 3v3 format to create hide-and-seek; holidays arrive Dec 13

I guess this is sought.

If you’ve ever played Monopoly with a child who doesn’t care about anything beyond getting to play as the hat rather than getting everyone’s money, you have learned the simple truth that games require the consent of all players to work as designed. Today’s bit of Overwatch cultural amusement comes courtesy of that exact principle. YouTuber Muselk and two of his friends developed a new game mode for the game using the 3v3 arena, and it works only so long as the other team isn’t really aware they’re participating until the match starts.

The game? Hide and seek. Muselk and his team hide and the other team tries to find them (because they’re playing a shooter) and kill them (because… well, yeah). The ultimate goal is to turn the match into a draw by remaining unfound and unkilled, which becomes very difficult when the map automatically reveals your location when there’s one minute left on the match. You can check some footage of the mode out below; you’ll probably feel a bit sorry for the players who just wanted a proper brawl, but then, part of the fun of the mode is that you’re playing by your own rules.

In other Overwatch news? Christmas is coming!

Source: YouTube via Kotaku
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