Allods Online introduces its eighth playable race with update 8.0

This blurry picture is brought to you by the game not having an actual proper gallery to use, so thanks for that.

There’s another race coming to Allods Online, and they’re so cool, you guys. They’re super-strong and impervious to disease and really artistic and they almost never get tired and they’re pretty and they care more about being smart than making money and… yeah, you get the idea. It’s a bunch of Greco-Roman sculptures come to life, and the main reason that everything isn’t run by the Aeds is that the race as a whole is generally content to just hang back and watch.

Of course, players won’t be able to just make an Aed character to run around in the lowest levels; Aed characters can only be created as Incarnations, requiring a player to have a level 70 character and an available reincarnation. So their numbers are likely to remain pretty small, at least for a while. Still, there’s something poetic about the eighth playable race being added to the game with the big 8.0 update, isn’t there?


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