Star Trek Online’s 3D-printed ships aren’t happening after all

why you like this 2016
Remember how Star Trek Online made a big announcement about getting custom ships 3D printed for players? That sounded cool right from the start. It was going to be your own custom-made ship complete with all of the right details. Alas, the grim specter of 2016 has struck once again, as it turns out that the ships will not be happening after all. Feel free to fall to your knees and scream “no,” since that… wait, that was Star Wars. Never mind.

Lest you blame Cryptic for this particular situation, it turns out that it really had nothing to do with it; the company behind the printing, Eucl3D, unexpectedly shut down. That leaves the game without a partner for the operation. While there are still plans to look into making this happen, it won’t be for some time, so it appears this project is adrift for the moment. It’s a sad ending to what sounded like a really neat idea, too.

Source: Official Site; thanks to nonameplease for the tip!

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