Diablo III psyches players up for Season 9


On January 6th, Diablo III’s Season 9 is set to roll out worldwide and invite players to enjoy a fresh journey through the game’s content with new rewards.

Interesting portraits, pieces of the Conquerer’s set, stash tabs, a new class set, and a Rocky minipet are all part of the reward package that can be accumulated by playing through the season and hitting certain achievements. You shouldn’t take Rocky for granite either; the minipet will automatically collect gold for your character.

Blizzard is rotating Diablo III’s seasonal conquests as well: “Players that just gotta go fast can tackle Sprinter, Speed Racer, Speed Demon, or Need for Speed. Got a thing for gold? Avarice or Avaritia might be right up your alley. If Cursed Events are more your style, Curses! and Stars Align might be more suitable challenges. Finally, if you enjoy facing a challenge without sets, The Thrill and Super Human are both making a return.”

Source: Diablo III
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