Shroud of the Avatar previews the visuals of release 38


If there were an award for most consistent game that is sorta launched but not totally launched, Shroud of the Avatar would totally win it. You can absolutely count on Portalarium’s MMORPG to come out with a massive update, every single week, and the stack of screenshots that come along with it.

This week’s newsletter details the making of the Canyon Siege encounter and the celestial mechanics used for town sieges, the creation of the town of Brookside in the Path of Love questline, the new adventure areas along the Perennial Coast, more work on the island of Xenos in the Path of Truth quest arc, and the updates to the Blood Bay PvP zone. Most of these goodies will roll out to players later this month on January 26th when release 38 arrives, but you can scope out the visuals right now.

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