Here’s how Lineage Eternal’s multiple character system works

Lineage Eternal: Seeper of Rolls.

One of Lineage Eternal’s unique selling points that sets it apart from most other ARPGs is its multiple character system. This allows you to easily amass and field several characters instead of merely focusing on a single one during your career.

Steparu penned an article to explain how this works. As it stands right now, players will be able to collect, gear, and level multiple characters during their adventures. You can only typically have one character out at a time, but you can set four characters to hotkeys for easy on-the-go swapping. This will allow you to pull out a character for specific situations when you come to them.

It gets really interesting in certain dungeons where you are able to field an entire party of four characters at once. While you will only directly control one character as the computer handles the other three, it’s still your own pocket small group on the go. Steparu notes that you can collect more than four characters, but you’ll have to choose which four you want to feature via the menu.

Source: Steparu

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