Shroud of the Avatar draws Valentine’s Day inspiration from ye olde decorations


Riding that Release 38 high, the Shroud of the Avatar team is back with its weekly newsletter to talk about what’s coming up. You might love this: Valentine’s Day is set to return, and for the event, the art team is once again drawing inspiration from antique cards and decorations for their in-game gifts and cards.

Other projects that are taking shape include the development of a technology-laden kobold dungeon called K’rul and the Asian revamp of Perennial Coast. The dungeon sounds quite dangerous, as it not only has cruel automatons guarding it but the whole place sits squat in the middle of an open PvP zone. Yes, that will end well.

The team said that the mix of automatic auto-attack and the recent addition of cute bunnies had resulted in a critter massacre, prompting a change to how auto-attack works. It was a hare-raising situation, but now the little creatures are safe.


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