Pokémon Go needs park permits in Milwaukee County to use park locations


The Milwaukee County Parks Department had a bit of a problem with Pokémon Go last year. It turns out that when you place various locations in a park, people will happily trample all over the park, which is a good thing… until that causes thousands of dollars of damage that costs area taxpayers money. This year, however, the Milwaukee County Board is preparing ahead of time by requiring Niantic to purchase a park permit prior to using any parks as Pokémon locations.

Residents worried about the change need not be concerned, as this is solely targeted at the developers; public use of the parks will remain unaffected, even if you’re playing Pokémon Go and trampling the ground in pursuit of a Lapras. Of course, it remains to be seen whether or not people will be flocking to the parks in such quantities this year anyhow, but the law is still on the books regardless.

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