Life is Feudal patches its survival sandbox variant with (some of) its MMO features

[AL:LIF]We don’t often see co-developed MMOs and survival sandboxes where the game that’s smaller in scope gets the content second, but that’s exactly how Bitbox is working on Life is Feudal’s MMO and its “Your Own” version. Last week, the studio patched up LIF: Your Own with the big changes already in the MMORPG.

The patch includes a total redesign of the combat skill tree, a balance pass for armor, “optimized and partially rewritten AI system,” parallaxed terrain textures, chopping damage, damage to moveable objects, siege torch weapons, terrain effects on horse travel, tweaks to the diurnal cycle, pavement flattening for structures, and a whole bunch of adjustements to weapons systems. Players say that not everything is in yet (diplomacy and trading posts are still high on the wish list), but it’s something.

Or, you know, you could just go play the MMO, which is currently in beta.

Source: Steam
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