Dark Optimus Prime arrives in Transformers Online’s beta


You know that when Dark Optimus Prime shows up, things just got real.

Tencent’s team brawler Transformers Online is adding the sinister version of the Autobots’ commander with its new round of closed beta testing. The next CBT is scheduled for May 18th in China and will not reset players’ progress in the game.

With Transformers Online’s limited multiplayer focus and its current status as a Chinese-only title, is it worth getting excited over it? Well, it’s still giant transforming robots beating the crap out of each other free from the hack thumb of Michael Bay, so we’re going to say “maybe!”

Check out the new closed beta trailer below!

Source: YouTube

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No, its not worth getting excited over.

Gaius Cavadus

I thought this was canceled?

Shiro Madoushi

lost me at “Tencent”