Bless Online shuts down Russian beta for revisions, preps Japanese test

Remember, you were the ones who couldn't wait for this game.

There’s something a little hinky going on with Bless Online’s beta test over in Russia. MMO Examiner reports that 101XP was not pleased with the game, deciding to shut down the Russian beta servers and send it back to the devs for revisions.

According to a translation of the announcement: “Last year, we launched in Russia the anticipated MMORPG Bless. Players and the company has pinned high hopes on the game, which unfortunately did not materialize in full. After discussion with the developers, we have come to a decision to close the Russian-speaking servers May 25, 2017. The game will go into development for an indefinite period to return in the future in an improved form.”

Meanwhile, the Japanese closed beta test of the MMO is scheduled to commence in just a few days on April 28th. Perhaps that publisher should touch base with the Russian operator to see what the issues it had with the beta? Just a suggestion.

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