Cloud Pirates discusses e-sports, monetization, PvE, and update plans for 2017


We haven’t heard much out of’s MOBA Cloud Pirates other than contests since it soft launched in April, but today the studio is back with a developer Q&A. The highlights?

  • They’re not sure about e-sports just yet.
  • There are 30 people working on the game.
  • Don’t expect the AI to improve over the existing bots — the AI would whup player butt.
  • The team is satisfied with its monetization, which it calls “moderate.”
  • PvE isn’t off the table in the long-term, but the team is skeptical about how its potential longevity.
  • More guild features, long-term achievements, new ships, new races, new modes, crew systems, and holiday content are on the way.

The roadmap for the next half year includes ship balance, the brotherhood system, and Stronghold battles. “In the medium-term perspective, we will redesign crews, captain talents, and treasure maps,” says the studio.

MOP’s MJ leaped into a Cloud Pirates dirigible during launch week; take a peek below.

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