Albion Online is so popular it had to add emergency teleporters to its main hub

Now I am hidden in the woods until they find me

People are playing Albion Online, which is a good thing for the game. However, it’s less good when Caerleon has more than a thousand people trying to get in it, since that’s the point at which no one can get into the city. Since all of the zones around the city are full PvP and all of the Outland portal zones are also full PvP, it’s not exactly a safe situation for players when the city is suddenly unavailable. But the issue is being addressed with teleporters.

Teleport stones have been added to several locations, allowing players to teleport to the Caerleon bank and back out to both the Outland zones or the adjacent regions with ease. Should issues arrive, teleporters can be easily changed without server restarts. The developers also note that this is a temporary solution, with a more permanent one planned for the next patch; until that solution is put into place, you can enjoy access to some emergency teleportation.

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