The Exiled invites you to test its limited-lives ‘survival mode’ for a free month


As The Exiled (formerly Das Tal) struggles to attract a large enough audience to sustain the game’s development and operation, the team turns to a new “survival mode” as a potential savior.

Starting tomorrow, The Exiled will only be operating for about three hours a day to encourage players to funnel into the game at the same time. While survival mode is active, all players will only have a limited number of lives and will need to drink from an oasis on a regular basis. If a player dies from thirst or combat too often, he or she will be booted from the game until the next day.

“If you run out of lives, you have to take a break from playing,” the team explained. “You’re out of the game. But of course we will make sure that lives are not suuuper scarce and that they refill over time (current plans:¬†six lives max and you get three new lives per day).”

The team is not sure yet whether or not this mode will become the new normal for the game. The survival mode test will run for a month and will be completely free for anyone who would like to check it out!

Source: Steam
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